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If one has a passion for understanding scripture and expanding their knowledge regarding Christian history and practices, earning a bible studies degree is a great choice. Especially for those that wish to apply for specific religious roles within the church, pursuing a bible studies or biblical studies degree is a necessary step for preparing for those roles and ensuring our church’s leaders have a strong working knowledge of the bible and its interpretation. Better yet, it’s never been easier to get a bible studies degree due to the numerous online degree programs that have been available.

Earning an online bible studies degree works very similarly to it’s brick-and-mortar alternatives, introducing students to major curriculum topics as well as providing consistent faculty support, but in remote format rather than in-person. This allows part-time learners with busier schedules the chance to get all the benefits of earning a bible studies degree while still embracing a flexible course load. Bible studies graduates will exit their online program with the knowledge, resources, and spiritual skill set needed to thrive within their career of choice. We’ll explore what an online degree in bible studies entails, as well as some of the potential career opportunities that await future graduates once they’ve completed their education.


How Long Does it Take to Get a Bible Studies Degree Online

The time it takes to earn a bible studies degree online will vary widely based on a few factors, such as the level of education achieved as well as the nature of the online learner’s class schedule. While many entry-level positions within the church may accept a two-year associate’s degree, most religious professionals will accomplish a bachelor’s in biblical studies or an applicable degree in order to have an optimistic career outlook later on. Most bachelor programs can take around three to four years to complete, with online or part-time learners potentially taking a tad longer to embrace a flexible work and class schedule.  

Courses within most online biblical studies programs will have a strong concentration on biblical translation, interpretation, and analysis. Students graduate from a biblical studies program having gained a strong working knowledge of the historical context behind scripture, as well as strong interpersonal and communication skills to help effectively lead in a ministry environment.

Associate’s Degree in Bible Studies

If someone is looking to get a condensed idea of what a bible studies degree can include, earning an associate’s degree in bible studies online can be a good way to determine if this career path is a good fit. Typically, an associate’s degree can take approximately two years to complete, with part-time learners potentially taking more time in order to take less credits per semester. This degree is perfect for those who wish to apply these credits to a bachelor’s degree in bible studies.

The Moody Bible Institute offers an extensive list of degrees that can help equip students for a career within the church and further their abilities to effectively interpret and study scripture. Courses are designed to elaborate on each other, providing a keen focus on biblical interpretation in order to help students evaluate modern trends and their relation to the Old and New Testaments.

Generally speaking, many employers in and out of the church will require a bachelor’s degree for eligibility. For those serious about becoming a religious leader one day, they should strongly consider earning their BA online in order to become qualified for those positions in the church. Earning an online bachelor’s degree in bible studies allows students to gain a strong working knowledge of the Bible and it’s numerous translations. While online learners may take longer to complete this degree, most bible studies graduates complete their degree in approximately four years.

Colorado Christian University’s bachelor of arts in biblical studies program is a great way to earn a religious education and prepare for the working world at the same time. This 120 credit hour program allows graduates the chance to not only expand their knowledge about the Bible, but also learn how to serve others with Christian beliefs and scripture. This program not only equips students for positions within the church but in other philanthropic contexts such as social services, ministry positions, and missions for professional and spiritual development.

Master’s  Degree in Bible Studies

Earning a master’s degree is a great way to work toward career advancement and maximize earning potential, not to mention it can certainly liven up a resume for competitive religious positions. Pursuing a master’s program in bible studies online is a great way to achieve these goals while focusing on professional development outside of classes. Most online master’s programs take approximately one to three years to complete, with online students taking advantage of a relaxed or accelerated course load to earn this degree.

Regent University’s online master of arts in biblical studies degree is the perfect program for online learners that are looking to further their careers and earn a master’s degree in a flexible way that never requires students to step on campus. 

If someone is preparing for a high position within the church or perhaps has a passion for educating others on scripture, earning a doctorate in bible studies is a great choice. As the highest form of biblical studies education, earning a PhD in biblical studies is perfect for those looking to maximize their career potential and learn everything there is to know about the bible. Most online doctorates can take around __ years to complete, with online students potentially taking longer if they’re not full-time. In many doctorate programs students are also expected to conduct a research project or thesis that they present to their colleagues and faculty to defend.

The bachelor of arts in Graphic Design & Visual Experience program at California Baptist University is built with the industry in mind. This award-winning program is created for individuals wanting a true design program at a premier Christian design school. Students will learn best practices, latest technologies, ideation, craft, and business acumen.

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Potential Careers with Bible Studies Degree

While most graduates who’ve earned a bible studies degree online have done so with the intention of applying to a position within the church, this doesn’t mean that the career opportunities end at the church door. The skills and knowledge gained within a biblical studies program can cater well to numerous other careers within education and social services. Some of the most popular jobs pursued by those with an online bible studies degree include:






Church Director

Average Salary with Bible Studies Degree

The average salary of those with bible studies degrees can vary dramatically depending on the field pursued post-graduation, the size of church that they may work within, as well as regional location. The starting salary that’s typical of those with an online biblical studies degree is approximately $29,500, with room to grow to $42,000 after gaining a few years of experience. Let’s explore some of the potential careers of people with this degree type, as well as their respective annual salaries to get an idea of how bible studies careers can vary in terms of salary.

Minister $51,550
Educator $62,000
Chaplain $52,000
Missionary $50,000 – $70,000
Church Director $74,000

Best College for Bible Studies Degree

The best college for a bible studies degree online will depend on the student’s preferences, willingness to head to campus for occasional in-person instruction, as well as the career goals of those pursuing this degree type. Bible studies graduates are well-prepared for a faith-based living, from understanding the complexities of biblical scripture to knowing the best ways to communicate major themes of Christian ideals to a variety of ministry environments. Explore some of the schools listed above to get an idea of what a typical program consists of and to learn which bible studies program may be best for your professional needs. Sign up for their email lists to stay updated on program details and curriculum updates. These bible studies degrees will be the perfect way to set yourself up for professional and spiritual success by playing an active and positive role within modern ministry.

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