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How to Apply for Financial Aid Online

How to Apply for Financial Aid Online

For countless college students, financial aid is a necessary element of their ability to properly complete their degree and higher education. While college is an incredibly fulfilling and enriching experience that helps young professionals properly prepare for a role...

How to Apply For College Online

How to Apply For College Online

College is an incredibly formative and educational experience, helping to provide the life skills and technical knowledge needed to pursue an unlimited number of professional pursuits. While college is an exciting and fulfilling time in a young professional’s life,...

How to Apply for Scholarships Online

How to Apply for Scholarships Online

When deciding to pursue a degree, whether that degree is earned at a college far away or obtained completely remotely, one of the first considerations is a student’s budget. Factors such as the cost of tuition, textbook prices, and admission fees are all financial...

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Colorado Christian University

Grace and Truth

Colorado Christian University is dedicated to helping you pursue your passion through a world-class education that supports your values. CCU offers over 100 associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree program options 100% online. Earn your degree when and where is convenient for you!