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There are many instances of someone needing mental support that seeks to get a faith-based perspective surrounding what they should do. When struggling, it’s important to keep every factor in mind, and for Christians that want to hold their ideologies at the core of their actions, it can be very helpful to find support from a third-party that has the spiritual resources and mental tools to help navigate difficult situations. This is where Christian counselors come in and provide all the assistance these individuals need when struggling to know what to do or how to handle major and minor life events. Many who seek to become Christian counselors do so by first earning a Christian counseling degree. For those who may already be working or simply desire a more flexible schedule, pursuing a Christian counseling degree online can be a lucrative and worthwhile experience.

Christian counseling programs equip future counselors with the biblical knowledge, psychological strategies, and spiritual competencies in order to properly serve within the mental health field as a reputable and reliable counselor. Graduates will have fine-tuned their empathy, listening, and analytical skills while taking courses that cover both Christian practices and mental health foundations. We’ll explore what a Christian counseling degree is, as well as answer the question, “What can I do with a Christian counseling degree?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Christian Counseling Degree Online

The time it takes to complete a Christian counseling degree online will vary based on the level of education obtained in the process. For those looking to earn their doctorate they can naturally expect the process to take longer than a bachelor’s degree, but this can also lead to great career development in due time. For online learners that enjoy a part-time schedule the time span will vary even more, but there are also accelerated programs that can help online students finish a degree quicker. Generally, most Christian counselors will earn at the minimum a bachelor’s degree in order to optimize their job prospects, which can take around four years to complete.

The course work in a typical Christian counseling program is designed to help graduates properly address client spiritual and mental needs in order to encourage long-term success. Classes will cover topics such as ethics, biblical studies, crisis intervention, gender and sexuality, psychology, sociology, and family dynamics. Many aspiring counselors will also take part in an internship during their schooling that can help them fully understand and implement these concepts in a spiritually productive manner.

As is the case with traditional mental health counselors, Christian counselors need to fulfill the education prerequisites in order to properly practice and earn experience. Many will do so by earning an accredited online Christian bachelor’s degree in order to develop these skills and earn an education that can help support their success. Most bachelor programs consist of approximately 120 credit hours, which for part-time learners can take four to five years to complete.

The bachelor’s of science in Christian Counseling and Psychology program at Colorado Christian University is a reputable online avenue toward finding success in the mental health field. Students of Colorado Christian University’s online Christian counseling degree will be fully prepared to help serve their communities after acquiring the interpersonal skills and psychological applications in order to properly identify spiritual solutions. Classes consist of a strong focus on psychology, sociology, Christian ideologies, and ministry.

For those looking to gain even more experience and foundational resources, earning an online master’s degree is a great start. Especially for those that later want to earn a doctorate, this step in a counselor’s education expands upon previous competencies and further focuses on the fundamentals of mental health support and successful counseling strategies. Traditional master’s programs consist of between 30 to 40 credit hours, which can take approximately one to three years to complete. It’s also fairly common to see master’s programs that require students to conduct a research project that they will present to their faculty prior to completion of the program.

Regent University is the perfect place for earning an accredited online Christians counseling master’s degree. The 30-credit master of arts in human services program in Christian counseling program allows students to strengthen their religious convictions while equipping themselves with additional mental health resources at the same time. Courses cover counseling strategies and caregiving activities that help students serve their communities. This is a comprehensive and accessible online program that offers group work, lectures, real-time interactions with faculty, and class discussions all within an online and distanced format.

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Potential Careers with Christian Counseling Degree

Christian counseling graduates will be elated to learn of the countless career opportunities that await once they’ve earned their education and are ready to enter the field. Counseling can be provided in a variety of different areas, whether that’s a ministry environment within a church or in a school providing guidance for younger individuals. The specific career path of an online Christian counseling graduate will vary on their specific interests and desire to serve. Some of the most popular careers that someone with an online Christian counseling degree often pursue include:




Social Worker

Religious Educator

Substance Abuse Counselor

Catholic School Guidance Counselor

Victim Advocate

Average Salary with Christian Counseling Degree

Counseling is an enriching and serving career, with a variety of potential salaries for those that graduate with an online Christian counseling degree. There are many different levels of counseling that can affect a salary, with most graduates earning $42,800 annually once they enter the field. Let’s look at some of these common counseling positions and their respective salaries to get a better idea of how counseling salaries can vary.

Biblical Counselor $42,000
Minister $51,500
Social Worker $61,200
Victim Advocate $40,000
Substance Abuse Counselor $55,000

Best College for an Online Christian Counseling Degree

For those with a passion for serving others and problem solving, earning an online Christian counseling degree can open the door to a lifetime of fulfilling opportunities. From helping individuals tackle their mental illnesses to providing intervention toward those that are struggling with their faith in God, Christian counselors are a resilient support system that can transform lives in a spiritually productive way. Interested in pursuing a Christian counseling degree online? The flexible and accessible nature of these online programs cater perfectly toward the working professional that prefer to take ownership of their education’s trajectory. Fortify your career in mental health services by signing up for college emails in order to stay in the loop regarding curricular updates and online Christian counseling program highlights.

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