Online Business Administration Degree

A business administration degree is a great option for young professionals looking to broaden their career horizons with a working knowledge of administrative processes. With countless fields that can be pursued after earning a business administration degree, it’s an appealing option for someone looking to determine their entrepreneurial strengths and develop the skills necessary to choose a field and begin their careers. For working professionals who prefer a customized course load and flexible education, earning a business administration degree online is a lucrative and worthwhile decision.

It’s never been easier to earn a degree online, and for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their earning potential and become well-rounded professionals it’s just a few clicks away. Business administration students are given the educational resources to develop the skills needed to thrive in all realms of business administration, from human resources to supply chain management. In this article we’ll discuss some of the benefits of earning a business administration degree online, as well as how this degree can be applied in the field of choice.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Business Administration Degree?

The timespan for earning a business administration degree online will vary depending on the level of degree pursued and the student’s preferred course load. A typical bachelor’s degree takes approximately four years to complete, assuming the student earns enough credit hours each semester. For part-time learners who may already be working, pursuing a business administration degree online may take slightly longer to complete depending on their class schedule. As online business degrees become more common, programs have begun to highlight customized course options that can take anywhere from less than two years to however long the students need to complete.

Business administration degrees equip young professionals with the working knowledge and core foundations of business operations for a variety of disciplines. The online curriculum will typically cover project management, supply chain processes, marketing, global commerce, human resources, and other important competencies of running a successful business.

An associate’s degree in business administration is the perfect choice for someone looking to tackle their general education requirements while learning more about what goes into business processes. A great choice for natural leaders who may already be working in a professional setting, earning an online associates degree concurrently can help further their career prospects and earning potential. Classes will usually incorporate administrative perspectives on real-world business situations to help students develop the skills needed to apply their knowledge in the industry of their choosing.

Looking for an accredited online associates program in business administration? Independence University in Salt Lake City offers a reputable online associates degree in business management & accounting. A great option for students looking to streamline their education, earning an associates in business administration degree online from Independence University can be completed in 20 months. Graduates will be able to enter the field with a comprehensive knowledge of management and professional planning to thrive in their industry of choice.

Many professional career prospects are more easily secured by earning a bachelor’s degree, with countless online options to take advantage of now available. Generally, an online business administration bachelor’s degree takes approximately four years to complete if the student takes a full course load. Many online bachelor’s programs embrace a flexible approach, with both expedited degree options and programs that are completed at the student’s preferred pace. 

For those wanting to pursue a business administration degree online, Purdue University Global is here to help. Purdue University Global offers a variety of online bachelor degrees, with their business administration program especially popular amongst aspiring entrepreneurs. Students will gain a working knowledge of business functions and develop the analytical skills to thrive in a business environment.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

Earning an MBA is a highly popular option for professionals looking to maximize their earning potential and expand their administrative abilities. Especially for someone looking to accelerate their careers or pursue management opportunities, earning an MBA online is a great way to receive a quality education while working at the same time. MBA programs will further dive into the administrative processes of numerous industries, and can take approximately two to three years to complete depending on the program. 

Pennsylvania State University’s online MBA program is a nationally-recognized degree that helps students apply their expanded knowledge to advanced real-world scenarios. As students of Penn State, teamwork will be a huge element to success as a student gains an in-depth education surrounding business operations, strategic analysis, and effective communication.

Doctorate Degree in Business Administration

Pursuing a doctorate in business administration is the highest form of education a young professional can accomplish. Doctorate degrees are a great option for entrepreneurs that also thrive within an academic environment that wish to educate others on business administrative functions. A typical DBA program will take approximately three to six years to complete, and will usually feature a capstone project that requires graduates to have proven they can apply their wealth of knowledge to the current markets on a micro and global scale.

The online Doctor of Business Administration degree at Walden University is the perfect choice for someone who wishes to compete in the ever-fluctuating marketplace by developing the skills needed to succeed. The tailor-made curriculum met with the excellent faculty support creates countless opportunities for networking and career advancement.

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Potential Careers with Business Administration

One of the best parts of earning an online business administration degree is the abundance of career opportunities that await after graduation. Some of the most popular career paths for those with a business administration degree include:

 Business Consultant

 Financial Analyst

 Human Resources Manager

 Sales Manager

 Account Manager

 Operations Manager

 Procurement Officer

 Office Manager

Average Salary with Business Administration Degree

Due to the sheer amount of career options available for business administration graduates, the expected salary can vary pretty widely. Numerous factors such as location and administrative level can affect annual income, but earning potential is always optimistic due to the flexibility of a business degree. An example of some of the typical salaries for common fields pursued by business degree graduates include:

Accounting $108,000
Sales Management $131,000
Food Service Management $134,000
Supply Chain Management $110,865
Human Resources $121,000

Best College for Business Administration Degree

Earning a business administration degree online is a popular choice for entrepreneurs looking to become well-rounded professionals. Having the opportunity to get exposure to real-world business scenarios as well as be able to implement new skills in a comprehensive way is a cherished asset to finding success in a student’s career of choice. The flexibility of an online degree is a great way for working individuals to gain the additional experience needed to advance their careers.

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