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Ministry plays an active role in not only the way we view God, but also the way we connect to others through the power of Christ. For those looking to find success within a career in the church, understanding effective and productive ministry is imperative for connecting with others within most modern Christian environments. This is why pursuing an Christian ministry degree is such a popular option for those looking to work within a ministry or religious field and optimize their career opportunities available. If someone is a working professional or has a busier schedule, they’ll be elated to learn that there are also numerous Christian ministry degree programs available online that can help make this education become more accessible.

An online Christian ministry degree equips students with the leadership skills and theological knowledge to effectively lead and operate within a faith-based organization. Degree highlights will typically include a focus on biblical studies, as well as Christian history and modern spiritual theories. Students exit the program having strengthened their communication skills and Christian ideals in order to effectively worship with other believers and non-believers. We’ll explore what an online Christian ministry degree entails, as well as the career opportunities that await those who graduate with a Christian ministry degree in order to learn more about this faith-based field.

2023 Best Accredited Online Bible Studies Programs

Regent University

  • M.A. in Church Leadership
  • M.A. in Church Planting
  • M.A. in Evangelism & Mission
  • M.A. in Online Ministry
  • M.A. in Pastoral Counseling
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Spiritual Formation
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Divinity – Biblical Languages
  • Master of Divinity – Chaplain Ministry
  • Master of Divinity – Christian Discipleship
  • Master of Divinity – Christian Theology
  • Master of Divinity – Church History
  • Master of Divinity – Church & Ministry
  • Master of Divinity – Church Planting
  • Master of Divinity – Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Master of Divinity – Marketplace Ministry
  • Master of Divinity – Missiology
  • Master of Divinity – New Testament
  • Master of Divinity – Old Testament
  • Master of Divinity — Online Ministry
  • Master of Divinity – Spiritual Formation
  • Master of Divinity – Worship & Media

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Indiana Wesleyan University – National & Global

  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Spanish
  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Children, Youth and Family Ministry
  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Church Planting and Multiplication
  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Leadership
  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Pastoral Care
  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Spiritual Formation
  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Worship Arts
  • Divinity(Master’s – MDiv) – Biblical Studies
  • Ministry (Master’s) – Children, Youth and Family Ministry
  • Ministry (Master’s) – Biblical Studies
  • Ministry (Master’s) – Leadership
  • Ministry (Master’s) – Pastoral Care
  • Ministry (Master’s) – Spiritual Formation
  • Ministry (Master’s) – Worship Arts
  • Ministry (Master’s) – Pastoral Ministry

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Manna University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Leadership
  • Associate of Arts in Christian Leadership
  • Certificate in Christian Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in Christian Leadership
  • Certificate in Church Leadership
  • Bachelor of Arts in Divinity
  • Associate of Arts in Divinity
  • Master of Divinity
  • Graduate Certificate in Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry
  • Associate of Arts in Worship Ministry

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Oral Roberts University

  • Certificate of Spirit-Empowered Leadership
  • Certificate of Spirit-Empowered Living
  • Certificate of Spirit-Empowered Ministry
  • Master of Christian Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership (Church Administration)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership (Evangelism and Outreach)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Leadership (Local Church Pastor)

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Grand Canyon University

  • Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Urban Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry
  • Master of Science in Mental Health and Wellness with an Emphasis in
  • Christian Ministry

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Southwestern Assemblies of God University

  • Global Compassion Leadership
  • Church Ministries, A.A.
  • General Ministries
  • Church Leadership

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Dallas Baptist University

  • Christian Ministries (BAS)
  • Master of Arts in Children’s Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Family Ministry

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Bethel University

  • B.A. in Christian Ministries
  • B.A. in Organizational Leadership: Christian Ministries Concentration
  • M.A. in Ministry
  • M.A. in Children’s and Family Ministry

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Ohio Christian University

  • Master of Arts in Ministry
  • Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Ministry
  • Associate of Arts in Christian Ministries

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Moody Bible Institute

  • Bachelor of Science in Integrated Ministry Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Global Ministry Design

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How Long Does it Take to Get a Christian Ministry Degree Online

The time it takes to complete an online Christian ministry program will depend widely on the level of education being achieved as well as the online learner’s specific course load. For part-time learners that approach their class schedule in a flexible way, they may anticipate their degree taking a bit longer than their in-person counterparts. The most popular option for those seeking a Christian ministry degree is to obtain their bachelor’s, as many employers will require a four-year degree for eligibility for numerous job positions. Generally, most will accomplish their Christian ministry degree online in approximately three to four years.  

Associate’s Degree in Christian Ministry

An online associate’s degree typically requires around 60 credits to graduate, and can be completed in around two years for students that prefer a streamlined and full-time schedule. An associate’s degree is good for those considering what an Christian ministry degree will entail, as well as helping them enter entry-level positions within a faith-based organization.

Created with recent high school graduates in mind, Crown College’s associate’s of science in Christian ministry allows students to form productive and professional connections with others within a variety of ministry environments. This online Christian ministry degree prepares students for associate-level positions within the church and other faith-based organizations by helping them gain the interpersonal and communication skills needed to lead others.

Bachelor’s  Degree in Christian Ministry

The majority of people who wish to turn Christian ministry into a full-time career will do so by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry. Many employment opportunities in the Christian field require at least a four-year degree in an applicable field, with a Christian ministry degree being an incredibly common option for those that wish to concentrate their efforts on evangelical and ministerial contexts.

Manna University, formerly known as the Grace College of Divinity, offers a reputable online bachelor of arts in worship ministry that allows students to gain a keen understanding of ministry and music’s relation to spiritual applications. Perfect for those that wish to lead within a large ministry environment, Manna’ curriculum focuses on cross-cultural ministry, oral cultures, and instrumental techniques. This program is designed for church leaders and musicians to fine tune their leadership styles and spiritual communications for the sake of effective ministry.

Perfect for those looking to maximize their earning potential and pursue upper-level positions in the church, earning a master’s degree in Christian ministry can be a great choice for professional development. Typical masters programs will require around __ credits to complete, which takes around one to three years to complete. Courses will typically expand on previous teachings from undergraduate biblical and ministry studies, and students will usually need to create a thesis or research project that they’ll present to colleagues toward the end of the program.

Earning a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University in Christian ministry is the perfect way to maximize earning potential and fully develop ministerial skills all at once. This rigorous online program allows students to focus on effective communication within multiple ministry settings, gain a stronger understanding of cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith, as well as earn a confident biblical and theological foundation for gospel ministry within a modern Christian environment.

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Potential Careers with Christian Ministry Degree

There are a variety of potential careers that a Christian ministry graduate may choose to pursue based on their specific interests. The majority of job prospects will be in the religion sector as ministers or chaplains, but there are other career paths for those looking for a secular position post-graduation. A few of the most popular careers for those with an online Christian ministry degree include:






Church Director

Average Salary with Christian Ministry Degree

The average salary of someone with a Christian ministry degree will depend on the level of education obtained as well as the amount of experience gained within the field. The typical starting salary of graduates with a Christian ministry degree is $36,500, with the ability to increase after enough years of working. Let’s explore some of the popular careers chosen by Christian ministry degree holders and their annual salaries to get an idea of what graduates may expect.

Minister $51,550
Educator $62,000
Chaplain $52,000
Missionary $50,000 – $70,000
Church Director $74,000

Best College for Christian Ministry Degree

A career based around ministry leads to a lifetime of worthwhile connections and timeless friendships. Being able to communicate and lead others within a context of ministry and worthwhile worship is unique skills that earning an online Christian ministry can help provide. From the biblical foundation needed for sharing scripture with others to developing the skills to properly identify how to best serve a community, Christian ministry degrees are a great way to prepare for a faith-based life of ministry and connection.

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Featured School
Liberty University
America’s Premier Christian University

Liberty University is an accredited evangelical liberal arts institution with 15 colleges and schools, including a law school, medical school, and school of divinity. With more than 600 programs of study from the certificate to the doctoral level, Liberty equips students with both classroom theory and practical experience, effectively preparing them to enter a competitive job market.

Featured School
Regent University
Christian Leadership to Change the World

From its inception, Regent University’s focus has been on transforming the world. Regent is accomplishing this vision by consistently delivering excellent graduate and undergraduate programs easily accessible online in order to prepare Christian leaders for lives of significant service.

Featured School
Grand Canyon University
An Accredited Christian University in Phoenix, Arizona

Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university located in Phoenix, Arizona. They offer a wide range of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Their dedicated faculty and staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals. Their mission is to ensure that students reach their fullest potential and earn a degree.

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