Online Computer Engineering Degree

As technological advancement continues to expand and current technologies only become more innovative, the career outlook for those within the computer engineering field is only projected to expand as well. For those with a passion for technology with a knack for critical thinking and problem solving, becoming a computer engineer is a lucrative choice. Computer engineering is the perfect marriage of engineering and computer science to create innovative changes in current networks, systems, and digital technologies. As a career that is centered around understanding technology, it’s only natural that there are numerous great online computer engineering and computer science programs that can help prepare graduates for a fulfilling and confident role as a computer engineer or other similar role.

Perfect for working professionals that prefer a flexible course schedule, earning a computer engineering degree online boasts many of the same benefits of in-person instruction. Online computer engineering degree programs will typically feature courses surrounding software development, computer hardware, and computer programming to equip students with the analytic skills to thrive in this rapidly expanding field. In this article, we’ll explore some of these online computer engineering programs, as well as touch on some of the career options for those with a computer engineering degree.


How Long Does it Take to Get an Online Computer Engineering Degree?

When considering the time it takes to complete a computer engineering degree online, it’s crucial to factor in the level of degree obtained as well as the nature of the student’s course schedule. For part-time learners that prefer a relaxed course load to attend to other engagements, they may expect the process to take slightly longer. To strengthen a resume within a competitive field, most aspiring computer engineers will earn a bachelor’s or masters to gain additional experience. Full-time online students can complete an online computer engineering program in approximately four years if they wish to earn their bachelor’s.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

To develop a strong resume, most individuals seeking a role in a technological field will earn a bachelor’s degree at minimum to prove they’ve attained the proper qualifications to successfully apply their experience. For online students, they can expect to complete an online computer engineering program in approximately four years if they have a full-time schedule. This is a popular option amongst those who may already be in a technological position but wish to expand their current knowledge at the same time.

Marconi International – Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The online bachelor of science in computer engineering program at Marconi International lets students gain a confident working knowledge of all modern computer systems, with a focus on both software development and hardware engineering. Students will both develop and analyze current technologies and design and produce data networks in a wide variety of applications to become experts in their chosen field. Graduates of the program will have a fundamental knowledge of information sciences and engineering management. With classes offered both on-campus and online, students can take advantage of an accredited education while pursuing professional goals outside of class.

When it comes to competing in a developing and expanding field, it’s always a valuable option to gain as many credentials as possible to provide career prospects. Many computer engineers will earn their master’s degree to optimize these opportunities, as well as potentially specialize in one area of computer engineering to earn additional training. Typically, most online computer engineering master’s degree programs will take approximately three years to complete, with part-time students taking slightly longer depending on their preferred schedule.

Old Dominion University – Master’s of Science in Computer Science

Old Dominion University’s master’s of science in computer science program is curated for computer science experts that have already gained some experience in computer engineering and software development. Courses are designed to expand this background, with courses that support the in-depth study of bioinformatics, data science, computing, machine intelligence, computational foundations, and much more. Perfect for those looking to specialize in one area of computer science but gain a well-rounded level of experience in all digital technologies, this master’s program is a great way to support career advancement and professional development.

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Potential Careers with Accounting

Accountants are found in virtually every industry, playing a critical role in the financial prosperity for everywhere from massive corporations to small local companies. Having a sense of what industry an accountant would like to specialize in is a great way to narrow down the career opportunities available, but accountants have the advantage of having a very flexible skill set that can help countless businesses thrive. Some example of popular careers chosen by accounting graduates include:



Chief Financial Officer

Finance Manager

Financial Advisor

Financial Analyst

VP of Finance


Average Salary with Accounting Degree

Job outlook for those with an accounting degree is optimistic, with an expected growth of 11% between 2014 and 2024. The average salary of an accountant will vary widely depending on the specific industry they choose to practice, with corporate level accountants earning a higher salary than say an auditor for a startup company. Let’s explore some of the most common accountant positions and their respective annual salaries from 2019.

Accountant $71,550
Chief Financial Officer $299,000
Bookkeeper $45,000
Financial Analyst $61,500
Auditor $57,800