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Everyone comes face-to-face with human resources at some point or another, whether it’s during the hiring process for a desired job or when asking a question regarding employee benefits. Those who work in human resources have great socialization skills and a comprehensive working knowledge of modern employment practices. HR representatives are responsible for hiring, training, managing employee benefits, and providing career development opportunities for their company or business and play a huge role in a company’s success. The human resources industry is constantly evolving with updated regulations on employment law and business ethics so those who work in human resources must stay up to date on best employment practices in order to ensure their work environment is a positive and competitive one.

Pursuing an online human resources degree is a great way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to thrive within a modern HR field in a flexible and customized manner. In this article we’ll explore the human resources field, as well as discuss some of the best online HR degree programs aspiring professionals may benefit from.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Human Resources Degree?

The time it takes to complete a human resources degree online will vary depending on the level of degree being pursued, as well as the manner in which students earn their credits. While many online human resources programs will take approximately four years to complete, part-time learners may expect for this to take slightly longer in exchange for the embraced flexibility while earning an online degree.On the other hand, there are also numerous online degree options for those looking to speed up their education as part of an accelerated program so it will usually depend on personal preferences.

When earning a human resources degree online students are expected to graduate with a comprehensive working knowledge of employment law, business and labor ethics, staffing, and employee benefit programs. HR degrees prepare individuals to enter their field of choice being able to confidently hire, manage, and staff employees within a variety of industries to help support business success and employee morale.

The majority of aspiring human resource specialists will pursue a four-year degree as part of a bachelor program, typically in human resources or business administration. Online learners that have a flexible schedule can expect this to take longer, but there are also accelerated programs that allow students to graduate quicker.

The online human resource management program at Southern New Hampshire University is a great option for those looking to set their professional careers up for success. With affordable tuition rates and 24/7 online accessibility, SNHU makes it simple to pursue a career in human resources. Curriculum highlights include employee and labor relations, managing organizational change, and general human resource competencies.

For those looking to advance their career and maximize their earning potential, pursuing an online master’s degree in human resources is a lucrative choice. Perfect for HR representatives that may already be operating in the workforce, an online master’s degree helps expand their current knowledge and gain additional experience needed to excel and further professional success.

The Graziadio business school at Pepperdine University offers a thorough and enriching curriculum for HR specialists to use to their advantage. This online masters degree in human resources equips students with the skills and intelligence needed to improve employee output, strategically plan around company changes, and organize and properly lead a team. With a combination of HR and business courses, Pepperdine graduates will earn their master’s with a strong understanding of all levels of business administration.

Earning a PhD in human resources is a common option for those that wish to manage large HR systems, desire to teach human resources to others, or perhaps they’re an entrepreneur looking to improve their business’ current human resources department. A typical online doctorate program takes approximately four to five years for full-time students and longer for part-time learners.

Capella University offers an interactive and enriching online doctorate in business and human resource management, perfect for professionals looking to master all areas of human resources especially in the healthcare field. Capella’s FlexPath program allows online learners the ability to take part in online classes on their own schedule, with both accelerated and flexible scheduling options available. While earning their PhD, HR students can expect courses covering topics of healthcare environments, talent developments practices, and the overall employee experience.

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Potential Careers with Human Resources Degree

Earning a human resources degree can open the door to countless employment opportunities, as HR is a necessary element of every company’s success. Finding opportunities isn’t as difficult as narrowing them down for qualified HR representatives, so choosing an industry that aligns with career interests and goals is suggested. Many HR graduates will choose to specialize in one area of human resources, such as training or payroll, while others may pursue general HR opportunities. Some of the most common career fields and jobs for those with a human resources degree include:

 HR Generalist

 Employee Benefits & Compensation Specialist

 Employee Relations Specialist

 Payroll Specialist

 Training & Development Specialist

 HR Business Partner


Average Salary with Human Resources Degree

The average salary of someone with a human resources degree will vary depending on the position obtained post-graduation, as well as level of previous work experience. The size of the company is also an important factor, as bigger companies with a larger work force will be able to compensate HR more attractively than a small local business. Let’s explore some of the most popular careers for someone with an online human resources degree and their expected annual salaries.

HR Generalist $55,550
Employee Benefits Specialist $55,700
Employee Relations Specialist $62,365
Payroll Specialist $46,500
Recruiter $51,000