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For tenacious individuals that feel that they would thrive within a professional business or financial setting, earning a business degree can be the avenue for success they’ve been looking for. Business degrees are rigorous programs that require students to acquire a strong working knowledge of modern business practices that can properly compete in the current markets. Business development and practices change with every decade, so staying up to date and properly preparing before entering the workforce can be a lucrative decision. With the increase in online business degrees available through accredited colleges and universities, it’s never been easier and affordable to earn a business degree remotely and flexibly. Online business degree programs will typically feature the same rigorous curriculum and basics as a traditional brick-and-mortar education and will vary only in the teaching methods implemented.

Online students can curate their schedule to their individual needs, a perfect option for young professionals that may have already entered a position in the field that need a flexible class schedule to attend to these pursuits. Courses will typically feature a strong focus on business administration, proper communication methods, environmental sustainability, global commerce and trade, consumer trends, and much more. Students will graduate from the program having learned the business strategies and networking tactics needed to excel in their professional pursuits. In this article we’ll answer the question of “What can I do with a business degree?” as well as what these online business degrees require and involve.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Business Degree Online

The time it takes to complete a business degree online will depend strongly on the nature of the student’s schedule as well as the level of degree being obtained, as part-time learners may choose to exercise increased flexibility in their degree trajectory to pursue outside professional goals such as a job or internship. Most business professionals will earn their bachelor’s degree and later earn their master’s to increase their career prospects and potential earnings once finding a job. If students have a streamlined course schedule they can expect to earn their bachelor’s degree in four years and their master’s degree in two to three years after that. While online degree programs may allow students to take longer than this, there are also accelerated programs available at many universities that allow students to complete their degree quicker than usual.

Those wishing to earn a profitable career in the field of their choice will typically earn a bachelor’s degree in business or business administration to gain the credentials and skills needed to enter the workforce as a credible and confident professional. Typical online bachelor’s degrees in business require approximately 120 credits to graduate, for a streamlined course schedule this can be accomplished in four years.

The bachelor of arts in business administration program at Concordia St. Paul is a great program for developing the skills needed to thrive in any administrative or financial sector. With courses that feature a strong focus on accounting, economics, finance, law, and international perspectives students are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to communicate and manage time properly to work well within any team and organization. Concordia St. Paul’s rigorous program lets students access these benefits and much more with a supportive staff of professors and experienced professionals.

There’s no secret that within the popularity of business degrees that staying competitive is an important element of optimizing earning potential. This is why many aspiring business professionals will earn their MBA or MBS shortly after obtaining their bachelor’s degree. Master’s programs tend to provide more opportunities for internships and networking than a traditional bachelor’s program but elevate the level of proficiency students are required to demonstrate to complete the program. Most master’s programs will require two to three years to complete, potentially longer for online students that prefer to have a part-time schedule.

Northeastern State University’s master of business administration program is a 36-hour program that allows business professionals the ability to apply their knowledge in a practical way within finance, marketing, and virtually any business environment. With eight core course options that include topics such as logistics and supply chain management, managerial finance, marketing strategy, and more, students will be able to specialize within numerous major competencies within the business field.

For those that are seeking higher positions in business administration, earning a doctor of business degree is the highest level of education that one can earn. Doctorate degrees prepare professionals with the business strategies and networking tactics needed to succeed within any level of the business sector, whether its marketing and digital media or within a financial institution in an accounting sector, a doctorate will make sure to cover all business-related competencies.

Earning a doctor of business administration at Liberty University allows students to gain advanced training in business management within numerous fields such as human resources, marketing, and professional management. With specializations that allow your educational path to tailor to your professional needs, this doctorate program will allow individuals to elevate their current positions and gain a well-rounded understanding of business processes.

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Potential Careers with Business Degree

The business sector is a huge career field, with jobs in areas such as finance, business, marketing, sales, trade, and more. This is partially why online business degree programs have become so popular, the number of job possibilities post-graduation is likely to be higher than other trades. Some of the most common careers after earning a business degree include:


Accountants are financially savvy number crunchers that have a strong working knowledge of the math behind a business’s functions. Accounts are responsible for keeping records, interpreting, and communicating the financial data of an organization, so they’re found in basically all industries. As one of the most common careers chosen by those with a business degree, it’s also fairly normal for accountants to advance their careers into other financially relevant positions.

Financial Analyst

Running a business isn’t easy and requires an entire team of professionals to make the proper calls and decisions needed to support the aims of the organization. Management consultants specialize in ordering valued insight to help CEOS and business executives make educated and beneficial decisions. Whether that’s in deciding who to staff for a specific project or helping executives understand where profits are lost, these consultants have appreciated guides for proper business functions.

Management Consultant

When developing a concept and vision for an artist project, creative directors are the ones that provide the rough draft. Responsible for actualizing the creative visions of clients and employers, creative directors often pitch their ideas for artistic campaigns as well as track the overall progress of the project to keep the work consistent and in line with the creative goals of the project. Creative directors are typically tasks with overseeing an entire team of creators, from art directors to graphic designers, within numerous different industries.

Business Attorney

Business attorneys are legal specialists that represent a business or organization’s legal actions. Many business operations require legal representation, such as contract development, incident report cases, budget management, regulatory compliance procedures, corporate mergers, and much more. Having a designated individual for these tasks is invaluable, making a business attorney a much-cherished element of any business team.

Business Executive

Business executives are found both in companies and government agencies and are responsible for the successful functions of an organization. As leaders within their public office or company of choice, they are responsible for ensuring the organization grows and prospers regardless of external factors that may provide unique challenges by establishing and meeting their business goals.

Marketing or Sales Manager

Marketing and sales managers are responsible for increasing sales and growing revenue within a business or organization. Marketing managers accomplish this by establishing the image and brand of a business, and marketing services to appropriate audiences to generate brand awareness. This awareness in terms helps generate more sales, at which point sales managers will oversee the overall profit gains and will try to increase this progress within their sales group.

Average Salary with Business Degree

Due to the vast amount of career options within the business sector, the average salary of someone with an online business degree can vary pretty widely. Positions within the company, level of degree achieved, and amount of experience all play a major role in the compensation of an individual, but most business-related positions also feature opportunities for salary increases with enough time spent within the field. To get an idea of some of the annual salaries of some of these popular career options, compare the compensations of these positions below.
Administrative Manager $60,000
Database Administrator $73,000
Accountant $71,000
HR Professional: $57,800
Financial Analyst $61,900

Best College for Business Degree

The best college for a business degree will depend on the online student’s professional goals and individual needs in regards to obtaining an education. Online business degree programs are designed to help students graduate well-equipped for numerous business scenarios and situations. From developing business solutions to networking with colleagues and industry professionals to get real-life experience within the field, an online business degree will provide all these benefits and more. To learn more about these accredited online business programs, explore each college and sign up for a newsletter to learn more!
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