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There is always more knowledge to be gained when choosing a faith-based career, and many satiate this craving for understanding by earning a doctorate of ministry. As someone who seeks to hold a position in the church or other ministry environments, earning a doctorate can help with eligibility for elevated positions and titles, whether that be an executive director of a congregation or as an ordained priest. An online doctor of ministry program prepares students to graduate in a position that they can confidently enter any position within a Christian-based field. Earning a doctorate online is a popular option for those looking to gain the skills needed to forward their careers while embracing the flexibility that comes with taking part in a remote program.

An online doctor of ministry program will include many of the same highlights as their brick-and-mortar alternative, but with an added personalization that comes with earning an education online and on a student’s own time. By the point of graduation with a doctorate in ministry, religious professionals will have attained the highest level of religious study as well as earned the spiritual and technical skills needed to become a reputable member of the church. Let’s explore the highlights of an online doctor of ministry program, as well as answer the question of “What can I do with a doctorate in ministry?”


How Long Does it Take to Get a Doctor of Ministry Degree Online?

n order to graduate with a phD in ministry, one must complete approximately 30 to 36 credit hours. For part-time learners that prefer a relaxed approach to earning their doctorate in an online format, the time it takes to graduate may be a bit longer depending on the student’s course load. Traditionally, most online doctor of ministry programs take between two to five years to complete. On the other hand, there are also numerous schools that offer accelerated doctor of ministry programs as well if students are trying to streamline the process of earning their doctorate.

The typical course load is designed to provide students access to the intricacies of religion and theology, as well as understand the way Christianity compares to other major world religions. Doctor of ministry programs usually feature a faith-based curriculum with courses on the history of Christianity, interpretation of scripture, Old and New Testament, practical pastoral theology, and much more. It’s also fairly common in any doctorate program for students to conduct a research project on a topic of their choosing in order to eventually present these findings to a board of professors and colleagues.

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Potential Careers with an Online Doctor of Ministry Degree

While a doctor of ministry degree can certainly lead to numerous religious positions in the church, this doesn’t mean that career opportunities are limited in other fields. Many of the skills and leadership abilities gained in an online doctorate of ministry program can cater well to other community service and leadership positions. Some of the most popular careers for a doctor of ministry include:






Organizational Leader

Social Worker


Average Salary with an Online Doctor of Ministry Degree

The average salary for those with a phD in ministry will vary depending on the specific field pursued post-graduation, the size of the church they are working within, as well as the amount of experience gained over time. Let’s explore some of the average salaries of positions someone can pursue with an online doctor of ministry degree.

Senior Pastor $90,000
Christian School Teacher $47,000-$52,000
College Professor $62,000
Missionary $50,000 – $70,000
Minister $51,500

Best College for Online Doctor of Ministry Degree

Online doctor of ministry programs are a great way to pursue an education while focusing your professional efforts within the field at the same time. The flexible and personalized nature of this doctorate is great for those who have busier schedules or perhaps already hold a position within the church that wish to expand their religious knowledge and advance their careers. The online doctor of ministry programs solidifies student’s faith and equips these graduates with advanced technical skills and an in-depth understanding of the Christian faith.

Interested in joining a doctor of ministry program online? Research online ministry programs today to learn more about this advanced degree and to find out which online program is the best for your needs. Sign up for email newsletters to stay in the loop of school updates, curriculum announcements, and more. You’ll be one step closer to the professional and spiritual opportunities that can be achieved by earning a doctor of ministry degree online.

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