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We’re constantly surrounded by the efforts of marketing professionals appealing to the public. Promoting and selling products and services has been an element of commerce for centuries, with marketing strategies evolving as time goes on. Digital and print marketing is an exciting and innovative trade, to sell to the public they must understand and know how to communicate with current markets. Marketing requires creativity, analytic skills, and an informed and educated idea of how to best advertise their current projects.

For those looking to enter the marketing field, pursuing a marketing degree online is the perfect way to begin. Similar to traditional in-person instruction, an online degree can let students gain access to all the same educational benefits with the added flexibility of a remote curriculum. Students will learn how to best communicate their creative ideas and understand digital and print marketing fundamentals while gaining the leadership skills needed to thrive within an agency post-graduation. Let’s explore some options for online marketing programs that can lead students to success within the marketing field.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Marketing Degree Online

The time it takes to complete an online marketing program will vary depending on the preferences of the student. For part-time learners that prefer a relaxed course load, they may expect the process to take a tad longer. Generally, most marketing programs will take around four years to complete but there are also accelerated programs that allow students the ability to complete the program sooner. 

Most marketing programs will feature a communications-heavy curriculum with courses that cover topics such as market trends and best marketing tactics for reaching a wide population of intended people. Most people pursuing a business degree will later pursue a master’s degree to optimize their career options and open the doors to more lucrative salaries and positions within the industry.  In pursuing a master’s degree in business there are two typical options for a marketing degree, an arts degree and a science degree in business administration. MBA programs tend to focus on industries involving the arts or communication, while master of science programs tends to have a focus on industries involving

Associate’s Degree in Marketing

An associate’s degree in marketing is the perfect way to figure out if the marketing trajectory is a smart idea for someone who is still learning which career path they’d like to head down. A typical associate’s degree will feature a two-year program that includes approximately __ credits for completion. While most marketing opportunities will require a bachelor’s degree at minimum, earning an associate’s degree is a smart choice among those that wish to accomplish their general education requirements within a marketing-based program.

Ashworth College’s associate’s in marketing program allows young professionals to kick start their careers and begin to develop the marketing fundamentals needed to thrive within any professional setting. Ashworth provides instruction for real-world scenarios with courses that cover topics such as e-marketing, retail, public relations, and more. This associate’s program prepares students with the practical skills needed to market and sell their companies as well as themselves as valuable resources to an outreach team.

The most common and popular choice amongst aspiring marketing professionals is to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Most employers will require a bachelor’s degree at minimum to indicate qualification for a position as this degree type requires years of familiarization of marketing concepts to graduate. Most bachelor programs will require that students complete approximately 120 credit hours to graduate, or around four years to complete. While this online bachelor’s degree in marketing may require a bit more time to complete for online students, the level of proficiency and expertise gained in a typical bachelor’s program will be well worth the effort as a remote or part-time student.

Florida International University’s online program allows remote students the ability to gain all of the same practical knowledge and gained skillset to excel in any business or marketing environment. This online bachelor of business administration with a concentration in marketing allows aspiring marketers to take courses that cover topics such as communications, logistics, advertising, and other major marketing concepts that are needed to enter the marketing workforce as a confident and competent marketing specialist. With a focus on critical thinking skills and creative expression, this online marketing degree allows students to become well equipped for their professional goals

For those looking to truly optimize their earning potential and open the door to even more professional opportunities, it’s fairly common to earn a master’s degree in business administration and marketing. Marketing and business administration tend to go hand and hand, so earning an MBA is a common option for marketers, but master’s degrees in marketing are also a smart option for professionals that know they have a passion for marketing and advertising to groups of individuals. Typical master’s programs will take around two to three years to complete, with part-time learners taking potentially a bit longer to graduate if they prefer a relaxed schedule.

The master of science in the marketing program at Saint Joseph University boasts an accredited curriculum that is guaranteed to prepare students with the practical knowledge and technical skills needed to succeed within the marketing field. Courses cover topics like marketing analytics, consumer trends, research practices, and consumerism as a whole. Graduates exit the program with strong competency in all marketing proficiencies and can enter numerous fields within the marketing field at ease.

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Potential Careers with Marketing Degree

Marketing is a very broad field, with numerous different efforts that ultimately come together to determine a company or brand’s marketing. As with any large career field, there are numerous paths and specializations that online marketing degree graduates may choose to pursue depending on their independent interests and needs. Let’s explore some of the most common career paths and what each job entails.

Brand Manager

When establishing oneself as a business there is always the idea of what branding and marketing need to go into creating a convincing and sellable brand. Brand managers are the ones in charge of creating, developing, and ultimately executing brand awareness and establishing the tone and personality of a company’s marketing efforts. From color palette choices to faces of advertisements, brand managers keep a strong pulse on the appearance of a company and its services.

Digital Marketing Specialist

As the emergence of social media marketing only continues to become more popular, digital marketing holds a special place in the efforts of any modern successful business. Digital marketing is a booming industry as of late, with digital marketing specialists being the individuals that are tasked with providing these digital avenues of marketing. From social media accounts to sponsored posts within our online media, digital marketing specialists are the brains behind the mindless apps we’re exposed to at any point in time.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are often found in larger businesses that have numerous different marketing campaigns and platforms in the works that require overall supervisory approval. Marketing managers may be tasked with digital marketing campaigns, advertising brainstorming, and the many other marketing efforts that are made when companies build brand awareness. Marketing managers often lead large teams of people that all have the shared goals of increasing the awareness and prominence of a brand’s marketing efforts.

Product Manager

Product managers are supervisors within the marketing realm that specialize in one specific item or product that a business is attempting to market and sell successfully. From the point in which a product is originally conceived to the time it’s placed on the shelves for purchase, product managers are tasked with ensuring the execution process is streamlined, cost-effective, and in the company’s best interest.

Project Manager

Project managers can be found within numerous different industries, but within the marketing field, they are tasked with the creation, formation, and execution of different marketing campaigns by strategically delegating different responsibilities to members of a marketing team. They tend to work closely with marketing managers to ensure that marketing content is created and campaigns are executed on a timely basis.

Public Relations

The public’s perception of a business is almost as important as the business efforts themselves, and public relations specialists keep a close eye on the overall image of a business. This can include the controlled release of information and updates regarding a business’ services or products as well as communications among other businesses and partnerships to maintain a proper network. PR specialists have a strong working knowledge of when and how to best communicate with the public, business partners, and internal staff to guarantee the company’s brand is kept consistent and intact.

Average Salary with Marketing Degree

The average salary of those with an online marketing degree can vary pretty widely based on their chosen industry, the amount of experience they’ve gained, as well as the level of degree they have earned. As we touched on, there are many well-paying positions within any marketing campaign, but each position will typically feature a unique salary depending on that individual’s scope of work. To get an idea of how these salaries can vary, let’s explore a few annual compensation figures.
Marketing Manger $142,170
Marketing Specialist $65,810
Advertising Manager $133,460
Marketing Research Analyst $65,810
Public Relations Manager $134,120

Best College for an Online Marketing Degree

Marketing is a vast industry with countless opportunities for those that have a passion for communications and business administration. Whether it’s as a digital marketing specialist or a public relations manager, the responsibility of marketing professionals should always be to elevate and encourage a healthy perception of their company or business. Luckily, entering this field has never been more accessible, and earning an online bachelor’s degree in marketing can be the first step toward a lucrative and exciting career. Explore some of these accredited online marketing degrees to determine which curriculum is the best for you and sign up for college emails to make sure you’re always kept in the loop!
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