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For those with a passion for expanding their philosophical and religious understanding, pursuing a master’s of theology program is a lucrative and worthwhile choice. Especially if someone is looking to develop the skills and gain the working knowledge necessary to thrive within a position in the church, earning a master’s of theology degree is a natural step along the religious career path. While some entry-level opportunities may be available for theology bachelor’s degree graduates, many advanced positions in the church actually require a master’s degree in order to determine eligibility or become ordained. For working individuals that prefer a flexible approach to their education they may be thrilled to learn that an online masters of theology program will feature many of the same curriculum highlights as in-person instruction to help students gain an extensive knowledge of major religious texts and the foundations of theological theory.

A typical online master’s of theology program will equip students with a broadened understanding of theology and Christian principles, with the objective to learn everything about the history of Christianity and expand their knowledge of cross-cultural ethics and philosophical theory. Graduates will exit the online program with the spiritual skill set needed to thrive within their field of choice and answer some of life’s toughest questions within a faith-based perspective.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Masters of Theology Degree Online?

The time it takes to earn a master’s of theology will vary, especially for part-time learners that need to tend to professional pursuits or alternative time investments while also getting their master’s degree. A typical master of theology program will require approximately 30 to 50 credits to graduate, which can take two to three years to complete. An online program will feature a near-identical curriculum as a traditional brick-and-mortar program, with all the same benefits post-graduation in terms of going after career opportunities in and out of the church. Most master’s programs will also require students to have already completed a bachelor’s degree, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to be eligible for an accelerated program.

The coursework in an online master’s of theology degree will concentrate on philosophy and divinity courses, typically within the lens of the Christian faith. Masters students graduate with a strong interdisciplinary knowledge of biblical theory and Christian theology having developed the leadership and communication skills necessary for working within the church. Courses typically cover topics such as the Old and New Testaments, biblical interpretation, and general history of Christianity. Many online master’s of theology programs will also require students to complete a capstone or research project to develop a thesis they will one day present to their professors.

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Potential Careers with Online Masters of Theology Degree

There are a variety of careers that graduates of an online master’s of theology program may choose. The leadership skills, service experience, and biblical knowledge gained in most theology programs cater well to numerous secular opportunities outside of church-related positions. Especially within educational institutions or academic spaces, there are many non-church related positions theology students may prefer. Some of the most popular fields that theology master’s degree graduates pursue include:






Substance Abuse Counselor


Social Worker

Average Salary with Online Masters of Theology Degree

Theology graduates may be thrilled to find that there are countless career opportunities that may be chosen after graduating with a master’s degree. Within the scope of these opportunities it’s hard to determine any one annual compensation, as earning potential can vary based on specific fields chosen as well as previous experience. Let’s explore some of the most popular careers for theology graduates as well as their respective annual salaries to get an idea of how these salaries can vary.

MInister $51,400
Pastor $52,000
Chaplain $65,600
Missionary $41,267
Religious Professor $76,800

Best College for Online Masters of Theology Degree

Theologists are individuals that seek to answer some of life’s most plaguing questions by broadening their understanding of God and religious theory. As part philosopher and part religious historian, earning an online master’s degree in theology is a great way to broaden the career opportunities available after graduation with a variety of careers in and out of the church sector. Especially for those looking to teach theology within a collegiate setting or perhaps take the steps to become ordained, earning a master’s degree is the natural step toward professional success.

Interested in earning a master’s of theology degree online? It’s never been easier to earn a degree on your own time with flexible course loads and detailed online curriculums. With countless online master’s of theology programs out there, the accessibility and simplicity of an online theology master’s degree can be a career game changer. After finding the online theology program perfect for your professional aspirations, sign up for collegiate emails to stay updated on curriculum highlights and master’s program requirements. Theology students will be one step closer to broadening their professional outlooks and developing the skills needed to succeed.

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