Online Theology Degree Programs

Theology is the study of religious ideas and concepts, typically in relation to God and our interpretations of religious scripture. A theology degree is a good option for those who are seeking occupations in close relation to the church as it prepares individuals for the big questions and topics that are commonly faced when working within religious services. An online degree in theology will offer many of the educational resources needed to understand major religious themes and ideas as well as allow students the chance to prepare for a career in religious services and faith-centric fields. Pursuing a theology degree online boasts many advantages such as developing better leadership skills, strengthening personal religious beliefs, and preparing for a career in service within a faith-based remote curriculum. We’ll explore what a theology program includes and online resources for pursuing a theology degree.


How Long Does it Take to Get a Theology Degree Online

A typical theology degree program will feature courses based around religious texts and subjects, with many programs that focus on a specific religion such as Christianity. Courses typically cover the Old and New Testament, the philosophy behind religious belief, and the best way to communicate with others regarding religious matters. As theology programs have become more popular, there has been a welcomed increase in online theology programs. These online programs allow aspiring theologists to expand their knowledge and become equipped for a career in religious affairs with a flexible schedule and remote learning curriculum. For those looking to pursue a theology degree online, the time it will take will depend largely on the student’s course load and schedule preferences. For those who want a streamlined education experience, students may anticipate completing a theology program within four to five years.

Bachelors Degree in Theology

One of the most popular theology degrees is a bachelors of theology. Students will be expected to spend a significant portion of their time studying religious texts to become proficient in religious theory. For those looking to pursue a career as a missionary, clergy, pastor, or other form of ministry, obtaining an online theology degree will establish the theological and biblical foundations needed to thrive within the field. In order to graduate, students are expected to complete around 95-120 credit hours. An online theology program offers students a remote experience of strengthening theological proficiency, with online sermons, religious texts, and lectures. Let’s explore some popular options for someone looking to learn more about participating in a theology bachelors program online. 

Moody Bible Institute – Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies

Located in sprawling downtown Chicago, earn a bachelor of science in theology at the Moody Bible Institute. The 120-credit online theological studies program highlights scripture interpretation, Christian identity, bibliology, and anthropology. Online students typically graduate within five years of beginning the program based on earning an average of 12-13 credits per semester. Students can look forward to becoming effective communicators of theology in a professional and personal manner at the Moody Bible Institute.

University of Northwestern – St. Paul – Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies

Earning a bachelor of arts in biblical and theological studies at University of Northwestern is a great way to become a well-rounded member of the church and prepare for a career in theological studies or religious service. Students will learn foreign languages in order to interpret religious texts and become well-versed in biblical basics. UNW is a great option for online learners who have interest in a reputable dual-enrollment program where they can earn their masters and bachelors concurrently within five years. 

St. Thomas University – Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

Perfect for students who have already accomplished an associates degree, the bachelor of arts in religious studies program at St. Thomas University in Florida offers students the chance to learn about the major religions of the world such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Great for those who want to broaden their education to include faiths outside of Christianity, this online program is perfect if you’re seeking to teach scripture and evaluate Christian decision-making in a flexible and remote curriculum.

Masters Degrees in Theological Studies

There is always more to learn when it comes to religious history and theory, and pursuing a masters degree in theology is the perfect way to expand upon an undergraduate’s current religious strengths. Students are given access to even more classes that will equip them with the skills needed to succeed in a ministry position by diving deeper into specific disciplines and texts to broaden our understanding of religion and God. Similar to an in-person program, an online masters degree in theology will require additional experience and credits to finish the program, with 39 total credit hours needed to graduate. 

Colorado Christian University – Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Colorado Christian University offers quite a few masters programs dealing with religious and theological studies, but one of the most well-rounded online programs available is the master of arts in theological studies degree. Students are able to gain access to historical, systematic, and ethical perspectives of God’s word and religious teachings. Great for those preparing and training to enter a role within Christian ministry, this masters program is an enriching and worthwhile experience for mastering theological studies.

Doctorate in Theology

For those looking to take their theology degree a step further and open the door to even more career opportunities, pursuing a doctorate in theology is a smart decision for career advancement. In order to earn a doctorate in theology one must dedicate a significant portion of their efforts into coursework and studies related to theological structures. A typical doctorate program will take around three years to complete with 39 credit hours required. Doctorates in theology will usually involve learning foreign languages in order to read advanced religious texts as well as focus on how Christianity compares to other major religions. An online doctorate program will feature many of these same requirements to graduate but in an online and remote format. 

Evangelical Seminary – Online Doctorate in Theology 

The Evangelical Seminary’s online doctorate in theology program is a great way to get a supportive and reflective educational experience in order to earn a PhD in theology. 39 credit hours are required in order to complete the program and the online process of the Evangelical Seminary is perfect for those with busier schedules that still seek to further their research in theological studies. The program boasts nine research tracks for students to choose from to narrow down their specific interests and strengthen their spiritual practices at the same time.

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Potential Careers with a Theology Degree

There are numerous career paths that a theology graduate may choose from based on their interests and religious strengths. Whether that be educating others on theology or playing an active role in the church, there are many different avenues someone wanting to work in the theology field may take. Some of the most common career paths for theology graduates include:



 Religious Counselor

 Church Administration


Average Salary with a Theology Degree

Choosing a vocation centered around faith and religious services can be a lucrative career defined by fostering special connections and cherished relationships with other members of the church. One of the most commonly sought after careers for theology graduates is becoming a pastor or member of the clergy. In 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that members of the clergy make approximately 57,000 annually, and around $27-28 an hour. Other theology-related careers will vary in terms of salary expectations.

Best College for a Theology Degree

There are countless colleges and universities that offer exciting and fulfilling online theology programs that are perfect for preparing aspiring clergy, educators, or ministers for a career in religious services. Flexible class schedules and faith-inspiring courses will equip students with the knowledge and personal resources to thrive within any spiritual setting. For those interested in pursuing a biblically or spiritually-based vocation obtaining an online theology degree is the best place to start by strengthening and challenging personal beliefs to form stronger religious convictions. Research online programs today and sign up for collegiate email lists to receive more information about which online theology program serves your career goals best.

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