8 Jobs You Can Get With a Business Administration Degree

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Globally, business organizations require personnel who can become decision-makers to perform administrative functions. Business administration degrees will equip you with the necessary skills to take on business administration jobs like management analyst, financial analyst, HR specialist, health services manager, marketing manager, e.t.c. 

Employers often encourage their employees, especially technicians and specialists pursue business administration degrees and improve their chances for internal promotion. Business administration degrees provide learners with essential skill sets such as managing a group of people, problem-solving using available data, and entrepreneurial skills. 

Fresh graduates with business administration degrees are often paid an entry salary of approximately $60K or $120K per year if they have experience. The MBA graduates could earn as high as $155K yearly. 

However, after working for a few years in your field, a business administration degree coupled with experience will move you into higher-paid management positions. Further studies like acquiring a master’s in business administration (MBA) will increase your pay. 

Though there are many business administration jobs available for those with this level of education, we have compiled eight positions you can apply for after graduating with a business administration degree from a reputable University.

1. Human Resource Manager

One of the most desirous assets in any organization is human capital. Human resource managers take care of the workforce administration. The process often begins with recruiting the right people and continues through to training, scheduling, payroll, compliance, retention, counseling, and more. 

Business administration degrees train human resource specialists with all there is to know about HR functions, enabling this personnel to handle more than the recruitment process. 

As a human resource manager, you are responsible for processing payrolls, training employees, administering benefits, and ensuring the HR department complies with state regulations. 

The BLS reports an average annual wage for a human resource manager at $110,120. The report also projects that business administration jobs, especially human resources specialists, will grow by 5% by 2024. 

2. Procurement Officer

The procurement officer is also called the purchasing officer, and they are responsible for acquiring essential products needed for business operations. Business administration degrees equip procurement specialists with bargaining and analytical organization skills essential for this position. 

Procurement officers are responsible for setting timing and standard requirements for the company’s goods. The procurement process allows you to compare various suppliers’ reputations, the quality of their products, and pricing.

This analysis helps the officer to choose suppliers to work with. The procurement officer will also prepare a contract for the supplier and monitor whether the supplier is meeting the product and delivery standards. 

Sometimes a procurement officer may also be required to handle international trade logistics if the company is connected to international economies. 

3. Advertising and Marketing Positions

Business administration degrees can also land you in the sales and marketing department. You could be:

Advertising Executive– One does not need to specialize in advertising or marketing to handle clients’ accounts in need of promotional work effectively. Many companies hire professionals with business administration degrees to handle clients’ accounts and oversee internal promotional efforts. 

Goods vendors want to improve visibility and stay competitive by using the right advertising channel to reach targeted customers. This function requires the analytical and organizational skills of someone with a business major. 

Market Research Analysts– The marketing team, needs accurate information about their customers’ identity, what products they demand, and how to promote these products successfully. Market research analysts will help in gathering this data through coordinated surveys. 

The analyst will conduct the survey, analyze the data, and give useful reports to management. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics report indicates that market research job opportunities will grow by 22% between 2020 and 2024.

4. Office Administrator

Business administration graduates have numerous job opportunities. Business administration degrees will equip you with office management skills, meaning you can work as an office administrator. 

Since we are in the 21st century, companies hire resourceful office administrators who can multitask. Some skills you will need to build through your business administration program include mastery of databases and proficiency in using Microsoft software such as Word and Excel. 

Accounting and reporting skills are added advantages to help you clinch this position. Furthermore, business administration degrees equip graduates with communication and interpersonal skills needed by office administrators when handling clients, phone calls, and unexpected office conditions. 

5. Business Development 

Small business owners aspiring to grow their ventures often hire a business development consultant to help them with the process. 

Business developers are responsible for formulating and implementing business strategies to enable small businesses to expand their commercial footprint. They may advisable business owners on new products and services, formulate a road map to enter new territories or forge new relationships. 

Most medium or enterprise-level businesses will hire business developers with master’s in business administration degrees to directly report to executive boards. 

Another business administration job you can land with this level of education is management constant, which allows you to advise companies on enhancing business efficiency. Business consultants advise managers on making the organization profitable through rational cost-reduction strategies. 

6. Municipal Manager

Many people imagine that modern cities are purely managed by the political actions of those elected mayors. That is far from the truth. Cities have several entities that need administrative functions, and that is where graduates with business administration degrees are needed. 

Municipal administration needs business graduates because its departments are managed like businesses. Bureaucracy is the apparatus by which cities run, and business administration qualifications are needed to keep things organized. 

7. Project Manager

Big and small projects need a manager to oversee their execution. Management is often too busy to handle this task; therefore, they hire project managers.  

Project managers are tasked with managing the daily activities of the project. They ensure that there is enough money to complete the project and that deadlines are met. Project managers should have leadership skills, working with internal and external contractors to ensure smooth project completion. Business administration degrees will teach learners how to lead teams and complete tasks within the stipulated time while adhering to set rules and guidelines. 

8. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for examining financial data to help management make sound investment and business decisions. As a financial analyst, you will always examine various global investment opportunities that your company can take advantage of. A degree in business administration will enhance your financial knowledge to be a financial analyst. 

The Bottom Line

Business administration degrees can open doors to numerous job opportunities. Others have also used the skill set acquired through these programs to launch their own businesses with great success. Are you wondering whether to pursue a career in business administration? You have every good reason to venture into this field and take advantage of several employment opportunities. 

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