Faith-Based Resources

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All students struggle during college – it’s a stressful time! Time-consuming classes, study sessions, extracurriculars, work, maintaining a social life, etc., all of these activities make it difficult to find time to breathe. 

That means if you’re a student attending a faith-based school, it can be challenging to also make time for spiritual growth. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to know even where to start! That’s why this article will help you find the resources you need to make sure you can have a high-quality Christian-based experience. From college ministry tools to strategies for staying grounded in your faith, Bible College Online’s list of faith-based resources will help keep you connected. 

Faith-Based Books

One of the easiest ways to stay in line with your beliefs is through reading faith-based books. Reading is a fantastic way to take some time for yourself and do some self-reflection. 

There are libraries of wonderful books that can be used as tools to gain a stronger faith-centered education. Considering most religions have their very foundation in literature, other faith-based books are naturally a great way to help any students that may be worried about how their faith will be affected during this challenging time. 

Here is a list of excellent books that can serve as the basis of your faith-centered reading:

  • Firsthand: Ditching Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own, by Ryan & Josh Shook
  • How To Stay Christian In College, by J. Budziszewski
  • Thriving In College: Make Great Friends, Keep Your Faith, And Get Ready For The Real World! by Alex Chediak
  • Owing Your Christian Faith, by Daniel Darling
  • Welcome To College, by Jonathan Morrow
  • Own Your Faith, by Mark Tabb
  • Freshman, by Mark Matlock
  • Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn
  • Muslims, Christians, and Jesus: Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships, by Carl Medearis
  • Don’t Waste Your Life, by John Piper
  • The God Question, by J.P. Moreland
  • Be Kind to Yourself, by Cindy Bunch

Faith-Based Online Resources 

One of the best things about living in a digital age is that there are now nearly endless online resources to continue your faith-centered education. Even better is that many resources are completely free so that even college students on a firm budget can strengthen their faith. 

Here are just a few of the best faith-based online resources:

Gentle Wisdom

A well-known blog featuring deeper reflections in an easy-to-read format. They frequently post interesting debates on spiritual questions. 

The Christian Woman

Another blog with several different authors dedicated to women looking to strengthen their faith. 

Political Christian

This blog also features several different writers, with faith-centered writing on current events within the US. 

Christian Cafe Blog

This resource is primarily for Christians who wish to meet others who share their beliefs online in a respectful way. 

Changing The Face Of Christianity

This blog is dedicated to changing society’s negative impressions of Christianity through their powerful reflections. 

One Year Bible Blog

This blog invites others to study the Bible and reflect on it for 15 minutes a day through daily readings that you can download.

Christian History For Everyman

This website is a great resource for anyone looking to take a deeper look into the historical context of the Bible, while still remaining easy-to-read and enjoyable. 

Faith-Based Curriculum and Classes

Even though many students purposefully choose to improve their education through faith-based colleges and online programs, many also prefer taking specific religious courses outside of their normal coursework.

If you feel like you can balance your studies well and would enjoy taking religious courses  and learning opportunities outside of your normal classes, you should check out the following faith-based documentaries:

True U: Does God Exist? (Stephen Meyer with Focus on the Family)

This docu-series takes on how to defend your faith in a scientific world. You’ll learn how to stand up for your beliefs, even when everyone around you is challenging them.

The Case for A Creator, Lee Strobel

This next resource is an incredibly well-made documentary that follows a journalist intending to find scientific evidence that proves the existence of God. 

True U: Is The Bible Reliable? (Stephen Meyer with Focus on the Family)

This next series by Dr. Stephen Meyer attempts to explain who exactly is God and how we can learn more about him. It contains several thought-provoking arguments that are excellent for any faith-centered student. 

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Ben Stein

This full-length film describes the plight for freedom of speech and its relationship to the scientific academic world. 

True U: Who Is Jesus? (Del Tacket with Focus on the Family)

This segment from a short series by Del Tacket invites students to defend their faith and speak openly their beliefs about the existence of Christ. 

Faith-Based Organizations for International Students

For international students, there can be an even greater need for faith-based resources, as they’re facing challenges unique to their experience. The following organizations help these students keep in touch with their spiritual side while adjusting to their new world. 

FriendSpeak (Church of Christ) 

Also known as Let’s Start Talking, this organization offers conversation classes where international students can practice their English skills in a judgment-free environment while also being introduced to the world of God. 

International Students Inc. 

This organization aims to connect international students with local churches in their area so that they can find spiritual guidance in the very place they’re studying.

Bridges International (Cru)

Bridges International is a nonprofit organization that helps international students adapt to their life abroad, as well as offers them a place to grow spiritually and develop a faith-based education.

International Student Ministry, Inc (The Lutheran Church)

This last resource is an international gospel organization that finds ways to help international students by encouraging them to receive a faith-centered education. 

Faith-Based Scholarships and Financial Resources

Finally, one of the biggest issues facing college students is the financial burden of higher education. Luckily, there are many faith-based scholarships available for students so that they can focus on their education – and less on their budget!

ABHMS Undergraduate Scholarship

This series of scholarships are available to students with a GPA above 2.75 and is available to any student enrolled in a 4-year program if they are a part of the American Baptist church. The amount of financial aid varies for each successful applicant. 

Baptist Life Association College Scholarship Program

This next source is also available to students insured through the Baptist Life Association, providing thousands of dollars annually in financial aid. 

Christian Missionary Scholarships

This next resource focuses primarily on students who want to serve their church through missionary trips in other countries. Only students attending a limited list of faith-centered universities may apply.  

College Christian Leaders Scholarships

This scholarship is targeted to students who demonstrate leadership skills within their community. The application involves  a testimony to the student’s faith, describing how they are actively being guided by their beliefs. 

GBHEM General Scholarships

This is an excellent resource for faith-based students that provides access to several different scholarships at both local and national levels.

Find Christian Resources for College Students with Bible College Online

While this list is certainly a great place to start, don’t forget that there are tons of online resources available to students who wish to work on their faith while still receiving a top-notch education. You just have to reach out and do some research!

For students heading down their spiritual journey, they might find it best to choose colleges and online degree programs that are aligned with their personal values. There are many religious-based higher education institutions that can help students work on their faith, while still getting the education they deserve. 

Bible College Online is a great option for these students. Our online programs are a great way for anyone to finish their degree program from an institution that supports them spiritually. 

Check out our online programs today and take that next step on your education journey – without sacrificing your faith!

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