Can You Get An Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Online?

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Nursing is a technical course that requires dedication and serious studies because graduates are responsible for people’s lives. Because of ADN’s relationship with a degree in medicine, many people wonder if it is possible to pursue an Associate’s Degree in Nursing online. 

With digital classes ruling the education sector during the pandemic, technical courses have shifted online. If you are interested in Online Associate Nursing Program, we are pleased to tell you that most coursework can be done online. However, clinical skills need to be in-person learning, meaning you will need to attend classes at your campus. 

Covid-19 continues to change various landscapes, including education and healthcare. We will have to wait and see what new regulations online education will be; however, for now, an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) program uses both in-person and online learning. 

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Why Should You Consider An Online Associate’s Degree in Nursing?

E-learning, including nursing programs, has gained traction in recent years because online education is more flexible, allowing students to control their schedules. The Online Associate Nursing program is ideal for one category of students:

Students in remote areas – A student who lives outside the city, several miles from the campus, may find it inconvenient to undertake an on-campus program. It will be expensive to travel to and from the campus daily; however, they can study from home most of the time with online education. 

Busy parents – If the student is a parent, coordinating on-campus classes with parenting could be a daunting task. The online program is flexible since you can study when your children are sleeping at school. You could arrange your study sessions when your home is quieter, unlike on-campus classes that require you to be in class at a specific time. 

An employed person looking for a career change – If nursing was your dream career, but circumstances did not allow you to study it before you begin working, you can switch to this career through an online ADN program. You could still go to work and attend classes in your free time. Your work will help cover tuition costs, which many students often take student loans.

Some students may not be in these categories but still prefer online learning programs. An Online Associate’s Degree in Nursing has many advantages. You can benefit from its flexibility, meaning you can comfortably complete your courses without sick days, bad weather, or car trouble. 

Don’t worry if you will be competitive in the job market with an online degree in nursing. The medical industry recognizes online degrees; therefore, you will be on the same page with those who attend on-campus programs. 

Requirements For ADN Programs

If you are pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, the regulations require that you enroll in a hybrid program. The hybrid program entails in-person and online classes. Schools differ in their requirements, but some dictate that you attend in-person in your first year of working for your nursing degree. 

They intend to orient you to the program and introduce you to the school’s clinical training. The campus may also require that you attend in person until they find you a suitable local clinical site. 

However, other institutions dictate that clinical sites should be near campus, hence the need to examine an institution’s requirements and establish if you can meet them. 

Can You Earn Your ADN Degree 100% Online?

When you see an online associate nursing programs advertisement, you should know that it cannot be 100% online. It is not possible to perform practical clinical lessons online. That is why the state nursing board requires that students attend a certain number of clinical hours before they are registered as nurses. 

Though the in-person clinical hours vary from state to state, it is approximately 70 hours. These hours are important because they teach students hands-on skills required for nurses. You cannot effectively learn how to insert a catheter or place an IV by watching online videos; you must practice with real equipment under the guidance of your lecturer.  

After completing your online coursework and attending all the required clinical hours, you will have to sit for the NCLEX exam and pass to qualify as a registered nurse. Generally, to qualify as a registered nurse, you need academic coursework (online or on-campus), practical clinical hours, and passing the NCLEX exams. 

What Are Some Of The Classes You Can Attend Online?

If you are going for one of the hybrid programs, you will attend the clinical hours, orientation, and some class meetings of the program in person. Nevertheless, most of your general education and coursework can be done online. The theory part of your learning does not require you to attend in-person classes. 

These lessons can be done online because it involves listening and note-taking. You probably want to know which subjects and lessons you will learn as you pursue a degree in nursing. Here are some courses in the ADN program that you can complete online: 

  • Psychology
  • English
  • Technical Writing 
  • Informatics
  • Algebra
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Pharmacology
  • Nutrition
  • Pathophysiology 
  • Nursing Essentials
  • Other nursing lectures on mental health, lifespan, acute care, geriatrics, etc. 

Is a Hybrid Nursing Program Ideal For You?

Before you jump into an online associate nursing program because it is convenient and flexible, you need to evaluate if it is ideal for your learning style. Nursing is in the medical industry and requires dedication and serious reading to pass the exams. 

Therefore, if you know you are not self-driven, online programs may not be a good idea. Online studies require self-disciplined students that find it easy to stay on top of their work without supervision. 

Though online classes allow you some time to interact with classmates and lecturers during labs, this time is often limited and may not be enough to ask follow-up one-on-one questions. Fortunately, some campuses provide students with an assessment to determine if online learning is suitable for them or not. The assessment will determine your ability to work independently, your organization skills, and any other related skills. 

If you have chosen to pursue an associate’s degree in nursing online, here are some tips that can help you succeed in the program:

  • Have a closed dedicated study area at home with no distractions. You could tell your family members not to disturb you during your study sessions. 
  • Regularly communicate with your professor. If you don’t understand some aspects of your study, ask questions.
  • Stay organized so that you do not miss scheduled clinical hours. Organizational skills can also help you meet your reading schedule with ease. 

Can you get an Associate’s Degree in Nursing online? Yes. However, there is no 100% online program because part of the program, especially the clinical skills, requires in-person class attendance. Though most of your coursework can be completed online, practical sessions at the lab require you to be on-campus. You will also need to pass the NCLEX exams before being registered as a nurse. 

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