The Importance Of Christian Degrees In Mental Health

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It’s no secret that the mental health profession has seen a staggering amount of growth over the past few years.

Perhaps the growth was spurred by the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020, or maybe the societal stigma of being open about seeking mental help is finally gone. Whatever the reason, mental health professionals are some of the most “in-demand” specialists in all of modern medicine.

This is not to say that the mental-health profession is without its challenges.

Aside from being a competitive industry, the mental health field is also grueling work. Helping someone overcome a mental disorder can be a challenge that takes years. However, the reward of knowing that your expertise allowed someone to regain control of their life is a reward unlike any other.

Is A Christian Degree In Mental Health Right For Me?

Do you like helping people? Do you believe in God?

If you answered yes to either one of those questions, then pursuing a Christian Mental Health

Degree may be the perfect choice for you.

We are all called to help those around us, and there is a special grace that comes from helping to heal someone who is mentally afflicted.

Many times a mental malady causes people to lose their jobs, families, friends, and even their homes. Helping someone with a mental disorder truly is the Lord’s work because it helps so many other facets of their lives.

Plus, mental issues often manifest in additional physiological issues, meaning that mental health professionals often see the good work they do pay dividends in a way other doctors and therapists do not.

If you’re considering a degree in mental health, or a faith-based education at the collegiate level, now is the time to consider pairing the two and pursuing a Christian degree in mental health.

What Is The Benefit Of A Christian Degree In Mental Health Vs. A Secular Degree?

A Christian degree in mental health is just like a secular degree in mental health, with one very important distinction…FAITH! A faith-based degree in mental health comes with it the power of God and the gift of faith.

With a faith-based degree in mental health, you inevitably get more out of your degree program.

A secular degree often fails to drill down on the faith elements of mental health, which, as we know, are foundational to proper recovery.

As Christians, we know that our head and our heart are connected. The soul is a very real part of who we are; more often than not, a wounded soul is a significant part of a mental disorder.

Think of it like this…if you have a cold, you can take cold medicine and it will help you feel better. However, the cold medicine doesn’t actually get rid of your cold, it just masks the cold by helping you with your symptoms.

A secular approach to mental health works in a similar way by only focusing on the symptoms, rather than the root issues.

A faith-based mental health degree comes with it the depth of understanding that in order to truly bring about effective change, you have to treat mind, body, AND soul.

The main benefits of a faith-based Christian degree in mental health include a deeper understanding of the human condition, a richer educational experience based on multi-dimensional exploration, and a bedrock of faith on which to build your future success.

Where Can I Earn A Christian Degree In Mental Health?

Among the many Christian schools that offer faith-based mental health degrees, three really stand out.

Liberty University, Grand Canyon University, and Regent University all have an impressive list of programs for those pursuing a faith-based mental health degree.

  • Liberty University
  • AA: Psychology: Christian Counseling
  • BS: Psychology: Christian Counseling
  • BS: Bible: Christian Counseling
  • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Marriage & Family
  • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Pastoral Counseling
  • MAR: Pastoral Counseling

Grand Canyon University

  • B.S. in Behavioral Health Science
  • B.S. in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an Emphasis in Christian Counseling
  • M.S. in Mental Health and Wellness 

Regent University

  • BS in Psychology
  • Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychological Studies


Three Leaders in Christian Degrees in Mental Health

What Can I Do With My Christian Mental Health Degree?

Degrees like a Ph.D. in Counseling and Psychological studies from Regent University, or an MA in Pastoral Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage and Family life, open the door to a secular career, or a religious vocation.

But what about those who wish to have one foot in the secular world and one foot in the religious world? No problem! A faith-based mental health degree can easily transition to a hybrid career path wherein a faith-based practice can serve a secular population.

One example of this type of work might be addiction and substance abuse counseling where you work as a member of a faith-based outreach team to treat the homeless in need of help.

Another example of a faith-based degree working toward a secular goal could be as a social worker who focuses on finding strong, faith-centric homes for foster children, or at-risk youth.

There are no limitations to the possibilities a faith-based mental health degree can help you achieve.

Where Can I Learn More About Christian Degrees In Mental Health?

We’ve already given you a few schools with great faith-based mental health degree programs, but Bible College Online is a terrific resource where you can explore even more options!

Our extensive lists, articles, and reviews cover various Christian colleges and the degree programs they offer. Bible College Online is an especially fantastic resource for students curious about the next step in their education or for those wishing to go back to school!

In addition to catering to those students seeking the next step in their faith-based education, Bible College Online also helps you discern the right choice by listing which schools offer online programs.

We know that everyone’s journey is different, and Bible College Online is here to help you find the perfect path to earning your Christian Mental Health Degree!

Want to explore more online degrees? Check out Colorado Christian University and Houston Christian University. These faith-based institutions provide a wide range of degree options and are strongly committed to Christian values and education. 

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