20 Companies That Pay For College

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As the cost of attending college is continually on the rise, one option that many are opting for is to work at companies that pay for college. These days, many of the country’s biggest employers offer tuition assistance programs that will help you pay for college. Some companies even offer reimbursement programs as an employee benefit, meaning that companies understand the importance of higher education and are willing to invest in their workforce.

This means that if you’re thinking of going to college (or you’re already there), there are quite a few employment opportunities that can make your financial life better in more ways than one. So to help you narrow down that search, check out this list of companies that will pay for college.


Amazon will pay for 100% of tuition and fees for eligible employees, as long as their studies fall into certain categories of jobs. They’re looking for workers who are studying Administration and Business, Transportation, Healthcare, Mechanical Trades, and Information Technology.

The Amazon Career Choice program even offers classes at the Amazon facilities, making the college experience more accessible for those who aren’t able to commute. Check out their program here: https://www.amazoncareerchoice.com/home


Target offers several different options to help students and graduates pay for college. They offer tuition assistance, tuition reimbursement, and student loan refinancing plans, all of which will help employees be able to gain access to debt-free education.

They offer over 250 business-related programs from over 40 institutions that are eligible for tuition assistance. You can see it here.


Walmart’s Live Better U education program is designed to pay for 100% of college tuition and books for their associates. They’re working to create a path of opportunities for their workers to grow within the company through education.

You can read more about their program here:



The UPS is also one of the largest-scale tuition reimbursement programs in the US workforce. Both part-time and full-time workers are eligible for tuition reimbursement.

At the moment, they’ve already paid for tuition for 290,000 employees, making this a huge help for many of their employees. You can read more about their benefits here:



Likewise, FedEx is another one of the companies that will pay for college through a tuition reimbursement program. It depends on the location, but many facilities will pay up to $5,000 per semester to go towards a worker’s tuition.

It may not cover all possible majors, but this is a common trend among most companies. You can learn more here:



Any employee that has worked full-time for more than a year is eligible for tuition reimbursement programs. Workers can receive up to $2,500 per fiscal year to go towards their college education.

Lowes is unique in that they will pay for any college curriculum that leads to an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. You can find out about all the details of their program here:



As if working at Apple weren’t already good enough, one of their most noteworthy benefits is their tuition reimbursement programs. Besides offering free classes and seminars to work on your professional development, they’ll also pay for your formal college education.

Find out more about all of their employee benefits here:



In order to help their employees handle their student loan debt, Google will match up to $2,500 per year in student loan payments. Meaning that by working at Google, you’ll be paying off your loans twice as fast.

You can find out about their announcement of the start of their program here:



Microsoft is another company that helps pay for college through loan refinancing programs. They’ll help you consolidate all your loans so you end up saving money through this more simple system.

Make sure to check out their many employee benefits here https://careers.microsoft.com/us/en/usbenefits


For the last 5 years, Chipotle has been offering up to $5,250 per year in tuition reimbursement programs, as well as helping students earn an additional $5,815 in federal grants for specific employees.

Their tuition assistance programs have been available to all their employees for years, which you can find out more about here:



Although they offer several employee benefits, one of the most noteworthy for students is their tuition assistance programs. Meaning that anyone who has studied in a tech field will be happy to find out about companies like Comcast that pay for college.

Learn more about their benefits here:



Starbucks has released one of the most generous tuition assistance programs among US companies, with every single U.S. partner being eligible for 100% tuition coverage through Arizona State University’s online program.

Although it is only from one specific university, it is a great way for people to go to school and earn their bachelor’s degree while working in a flexible work environment. You can find out more about their program here:


Home Depot

Salaried, full-time employees at Home Depot are eligible to receive a tuition-reimbursement program to help them pay for their education.

You can read all the details about their tuition reimbursement benefits here:



Chik-Fil-A offers scholarships to eligible employees to pay for up to $25,000 worth of college expenses. Workers at the restaurant chain need to fill out an application for each academic year with the chance to win this huge scholarship opportunity.

You can read more about their unique scholarship programs here:



This is another one of the companies that pay for college through a tuition-aid plan, offering up to $8,000 annually to their managers. Other positions are also eligible for tuition reimbursement, but with varying amounts.

Read up on all their employee benefits here:



Employees at Verizon who are working a minimum of 17 hours a week are eligible for tuition assistance plans to help pay for university.

They will pay for tuition for online universities, counseling services, and entrance exams, as well as for specific classes that are professionally relevant. You can learn all the specifics about their policy here:



JetBlue is one of the only companies that offers Master’s Degree programs included in their low-cost education programs. Through this program, JetBlue employees can attend accredited universities at a discounted rate.

Find out more about their investment in education here:



CVS offers employees educational support to help pay for up to 25% of an employee’s total tuition costs. This applies to any of their workers that went to school for a degree relevant to their job position.

You can find out more about all their employee benefits here:



McDonald’s has always been a company known for its charity, and this continues to be true for employees working on their education. To date, they’ve invested over $145 million in tuition assistance programs, making them one of the biggest providers of financial education help.

Check out their “Archways to Opportunity” program here:



Last up on the list of companies that pay for college, Oracle will pay for up to $5,250 per year for specific study programs through a reimbursement program.

In a tech company like this, it’s obvious why they would want to invest in their employees’ education, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. You can find out more here:


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